Renewing the human spirit for greater purpose, passion, and performance.

One-on-one coaching, individual and corporate communications training using the science of NLP, TimeLine Therapy, and Hypnotherapy.

About Headwaters Coaching

At some point almost all of us forget who we are and lose the way forward. This is particularly true in the many transitions of rapid change. I have forty plus years experience of helping professionals through human and corporate transitions as they remember who they are, reclaim their aptitudes, talents, and gifts, while stepping into the future with greater purpose, passion, and performance.

Along the way I've gathered and mastered a number of tools for this work, including the Associate Certified Coach certificate from the International Coaching Federation.  The largest and most respected coach certification body in the world.

Other education and experience include Master Practitioner certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy©, Hypnotherapy and further certifications in Positive Psychology, Polarity Management, Conflict Management, and more. The most important tools I bring to the journey together are the ability and empathy to listen to your life at a level many others just can't reach while helping you hear and reclaim your own voice.

There are two sides to this work. One side is individual, one-on-one coaching. The other is individual and corporate training in deep listening to others and  how to say what you mean.  Many believe the communications process starts with talking. However, the most effective communicators begin with listening. What will happen to your effectiveness as a communicator when you truly hear others and then respond to what they're saying?

If you're seeking deeper meaning, greater empathy, renewed vision, or even simple instruction in how to be a better speaker or writer, let's talk. You talk, I'll listen.

— John LaMunyon, Founder of Headwaters Coaching

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By John LaMunyon | March 27, 2019

The text came late at night:  “Do you coach or train leaders?”  My response was immediate.  “Yes.”  The next day we met over coffee, and the writer told me his issue.  “I was made a team leader a few months ago, and last week my boss told me I needed to step up as a leader. I’m not even sure what that means.” Later that week I received a phone call.  “Can you train or coach mid-career conflict-averse leaders how to lead through conflict?”  I asked, “Are you the leader?”  Her response was slow and soft, “yes.” In working with...

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August 9-12 Leadership Trek

By John LaMunyon | March 27, 2019

Leadership Trek involves guiding a group of eight adult participants into the wilderness of northern Ross Lake, located at the northern edge of the North Cascades National Park.    While traveling together August 9-12  we will take a deep dive into questions such as,          “What does it mean to be a leader?”          “What is servant leadership?”          “Who am I becoming?”           “How can I be a more effective leader?” Each day you’ll wake up to breakfast served by the professional guides of Seattle Adventure Sports, have a brief team meeting to consider the question...

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It was a beautiful week!

By John LaMunyon | February 2, 2019

Beautiful place-Tall Timber Ranch and Retreat Center, above Lake Wenatchee Beautiful people-Executive Staff of Lutherhaven Ministries, Inc. I love this job!

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There’s an Exciting Year Ahead

By John LaMunyon | January 26, 2019

Moving into the Spring and Summer we’re slowly ramping up coaching, group facilitation, videocasts, podcasts, and more. Thank you for your support as we move forward. Here’s a little peek at what’s coming up: Coaching, whether for individuals or groups, is always available by appointment.  If you’re interested in learning more about coaching and how it can help you step through new doors in your life, email, or, call 425-922-0241, or use the “Contact Us” box on this website.  You talk, I’ll listen. Leadership Training, including retreat and meeting facilitation, is available as well.  Mid-summer we’ll be launching a four day, Leadership...

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By John LaMunyon | January 26, 2019

TRANSITIONS is the focus and title of the first series of video casts from Headwaters Coaching.  The series will focus on leaders, young and not-so-young, who are involved in the many transitions of life.  First in the series on “Transitions” is G. Tyler Grisdale.    Just ten years ago Tyler finished his stint as a student athlete at Bellevue High School.  He then went to Whitman College and managed to balance studies and pitching all the way through graduation.  Realizing his mad pitching skills weren’t enough for the pros, he switched gears.  After careful consideration, he switched career paths and entered...

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Its a Launch!

By John LaMunyon | January 26, 2019

On a warm Saturday evening in early September a number of friends of Headwaters Coaching gathered on the patio of Big Block Brewing Company.  What a night!  Good food, great conversations and a raffle for Headwaters swag.  Headwaters pint glasses served as the door prize.  Between the raffle, donations and Rick Wong’s gift of many copies of his book sales (“The Five Abilities”) we raised $1,000 for King County Habitat for Humanity.  Thanks go to Rick Wong (The Five Abilities), photographer; Don Cheyette (Seattle Adventure Sports), gaffer; Marilyn Wong, Belinda Valentine (Belinda’s Face Painting), and Cheri LaMunyon for dealing with...

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What Does “Executive Coach” Mean?

By John LaMunyon | April 12, 2018

What does “EXECUTIVE”  Coach mean? Let’s think about Amy. Amy is a leader in a multinational tech company who has been promoted to a new position of authority. She really wants to do a great job, but hasn’t had  much time or opportunity to develop her leadership skills. Somewhere along the way she heard the phrase, “Manage THINGS, LEAD people!” Somehow she knew there was more to leading than simply getting everything aligned and in order. But, what did it mean to LEAD? She turned to an Executive Coach who started out by offering her a definition. “Executive Coaches focus on the...

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What makes a good leader?

By John LaMunyon | March 25, 2018

Its been awhile since posting to this site.  Just lost a month to Influenza Type A, not a great month. However, now I’m back up and getting ready for the transition from forty years of church-based employment to starting up Headwaters Coaching full-time August 1st.  Between now and then I’ll post a few articles and thought pieces.  Here’s the first, by Simon Sinek, author of  “Find Your Why,” “Leaders Eat Last,” and a few more.  Happy watching! As always, I’d love to hear your reaction.  just use the comments section below.  John  

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By John LaMunyon | February 11, 2018

Fear to Freedom March 3rd  9:00a to 4:00p LaMunyon Lodge, 21221 NE 13th Court, Sammamish 98074  There are so many things we would like to do in life, but somewhere along the way we’ve decided we either can’t, or shouldn’t.  It might be seeking a higher paying job, working toward more fulfilling relationships, becoming a better communicator, or other dream which always seems out of reach.  What if you could move beyond the decision you made to a new decision, a new, more powerful you?  What if you could say goodbye to your fears, self-limiting decisions, and all the rest,...

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By John LaMunyon | January 22, 2018

Just how big is your dream? What are you willing to leave behind to make it happen? What will you keep? What new resources, attitudes, aptitudes, friendships and…will you need to make it all happen? Seems like lots of folks are wrestling with big dreams these days.  Dreaming is easy and free.  But, moving to action can be costly.  The very skills and attitudes which get you to a certain place in life, perhaps where you’re at now, don’t always work in the next phase.  Consider the picture.  These pioneers set out on the trail with a perfect picture of...

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