HEADWATERS COACHING LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT…Now taking registrations for Fall 2020 offerings…

New to Leadership?    Ready for a Leadership Reset?

Are you seeking to further develop and deepen your leadership skills?  Join us Fall 2020 for Headwaters Leadership Development.  Space is limited.  We’re accepting applications now!

Headwaters Leadership Development is for any individual or team who wants to develop or deepen their identity as an empathetic leader. Beginning in October we will start a variety of trainings, including:

  • An eight-month-long deep dive into the fundamental questions, “WHY am I a leader,” and, “WHO am I leading?” Completion of the training will lead to a certificate in Leadership Development.
  • Monthly sessions focused on individual themes.

The eight-month-long certificate training includes weekly two-hour classroom sessions with lots of coaching individually and in peer groups.  Along the way we’ll take a deep dive into the executive functions (Organizational and Regulatory) of the brain as they relate to  leadership:

Organizational  includes how we deal with the incredible amount of data in our lives which just keeps coming at us through email, visual images, relationships, the internet, etc., with each new piece of information demanding our attention, planning, sequencing, problem-solving, working memory, cognitive flexibility, abstract thinking, rule acquisition, etc. 

Regulatory  refers to how we live in the world, including when we do or don’t take action, self-control, regulating our emotions,  both consciously and unconsciously stimulus inside and outside us, while then both initiating and inhibiting behavior specific to each context, coupled with moral reasoning and decision-making.” 1  WHEW!  For instance, seeing a wonderful dessert in front of you may be tempting to devour, but your executive system might remind you that eating it would conflict with your inner goals, such as losing weight.

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MONTHLY  two-hour sessions began in October 2019  and continue through May 2020.  In each session we’lll explore individual areas of interest included in the longer certificate training, including conflict and polarity management, values and vision, communication and more.

All trainings are led by professionally credentialed coaches and trainers with certification from the International Coaching Federation.

Interested?  Contact Headwaters Coaching Executive Director and Lead Trainer John LaMunyon today! Email:  john@headwaterscoaching.com  Phone: 425-922-0241.

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John is a gifted coach on so many levels. His innate ability to listen to more than what is being said and to identify themes which allow you to develop a greater level of self-awareness and uncover beliefs and behaviors that may be holding you back. His curiosity, brilliance and compassion create a trusting space that support open and dynamic dialogue that is so vital in an effective coaching relationship. I have had the privilege to be coached by John and through my work with him I was able to transcend obstacles that were standing in the way of my personal development. I highly recommend working with John.

V.C. H.R. Leader