The text came late at night:  “Do you coach or train leaders?”  My response was immediate.  “Yes.”  The next day we met over coffee, and the writer told me his issue.  “I was made a team leader a few months ago, and last week my boss told me I needed to step up as a leader. I’m not even sure what that means.”

Later that week I received a phone call.  “Can you train or coach mid-career conflict-averse leaders how to lead through conflict?”  I asked, “Are you the leader?”  Her response was slow and soft, “yes.”

In working with managers and leaders like these, I’ve come to realize there is a gap between when someone is elevated to a leadership level and when their actual in-depth training begins.  In many companies new leaders/managers are given a daylong workshop here and there, but, comprehensive, in-depth training usually doesn’t begin until one enters the midlevel manager or director level.

Even then, in the words of a recent Harvard Business Review article, “most executive education programs—designed as extensions of or substitutes for MBA programs—focus on discipline-based skill sets, such as strategy development and financial analysis, and seriously underplay important relational, communication, and affective skills.”

In response to those texts, emails and phone calls from leaders and managers seeking to remedy their lack of training, Headwaters Coaching is launching two new training programs beginning in August.

Leadership Trek  involves guiding a group of eight participants into the wilderness of northern Ross Lake, in the heart of the North Cascades National Park.  While traveling together in the backcountry August 9-12 , we will take a deep dive into questions such as,

         “What does it mean to be a leader?”

         “What is servant leadership?”

         “Who am I becoming?” 

         “How can I be a more effective leader?”

And more.  For more information on this summer’s “Leadership Trek,” click here.

Headwaters Coaching Leadership School begins Wednesday, September 25th, and consists of two modules.  The first module, “Introduction to Servant Leadership, aka, Why Leaders Eat Last,” runs Wednesdays from September 25 through January 22nd.  The second module, “Why Meaning Gets You Home,” begins February 5th and runs through the end of May.

Throughout the two modules, participants will be immersed in weekly training and coaching.  The training will include leadership concepts, attitudes, and insights drawing from a broad range of disciplines, as well as exposure to directors and managers from a variety of multinational corporations headquartered in the Greater Seattle area. Coaching by experienced Headwaters coaches will happen both individually and in teams, and will be a major emphasis throughout both modules allowing class members to reflect, experiment and grow as leaders and managers at an exponential rate.

Groups are limited to eight participants and two coach/trainers to ensure the maximum amount of growth is possible through individual work and within teams.  Participants will find they’ve gained lifelong friends and valued colleagues as a result of their work together through the two modules.

For more information on the Headwaters Coaching Leadership Academy, call me (425-922-0241), or email (john@headwaterscoaching.com).

Whether you are new to being a leader/manager, or are a seasoned professional looking for new insights, Headwaters Coaching has something to assist you in finding deeper meaning and greater understanding of your role as you move forward in your career.  For more information on individual or team coaching, as well as the two new trainings for leaders, let’s get in touch.  You talk, I’ll listen.  First cup of coffee is on me.

Thank you for your interest.  Here’s to the journey ahead!

John LaMunyon, Executive Director