2021 Leadership Trek September 10-13, 2021 taking registrations now!

Leadership Trek involves guiding a group of eight adult participants into the wilderness of northern Ross Lake, located at the northern edge of the North Cascades National Park.    While traveling together Septmember 10-13, we’ll take a deep dive into questions such as,

         “What does it mean to be a leader?”

         “What is servant leadership?”

         “Who am I becoming?” 

         “How can I be a more effective leader?”

Each day you’ll wake up to breakfast served by the professional guides of Seattle Adventure Sports, have a brief team meeting to consider the question for the day, load the canoes and head off on a new adventure.  Following each day’s dinner, we’ll meet as a group to consider whatever questions you’ve brought to our wilderness trek.

CANOES?  What if you’ve never paddled a canoe before?  We’ll teach you.  Each day’s journey will be just long enough to help you sleep better that night and to see new waterfalls, glacier-topped mountains and more.  Along the way, you’ll have access to broad-based group and individual coaching from Headwaters Executive Director John LaMunyon, who has over thirty years experience in training and coaching leaders, beginning with the U.S. Army and continuing through his work with Headwaters Coaching today.

For the entrepreneurial spirits, you’ll also have access to Seattle Adventure Sports owner Don Cheyette.  SAS is the fastest growing outdoor adventure company in the Seattle area, and Don will be our chief guide, ready to answer whatever questions you might have about the successful launch and growth of his company.

COST $1,000 inclusive of all meals, snacks, training materials, and equipment.  It does not include travel to and from Hozomeen Campground at the north end of Ross Lake, or personal gear and toiletries.  For a full gear list, contact John.

TO REGISTER or for more information on this exciting opportunity, call or email John LaMunyon:



Here’s to the journeys ahead!