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Leadership Development “Seek First to Understand Series” Begins October 16



Are you seeking to further develop and deepen your leadership skills?  Join us this fall for monthly Headwaters Leadership Development thematic trainings.  Space is limited.  We’re accepting applications now!

Headwaters Leadership Development is for any individual or team who wants to develop or deepen their identity as an empathetic leader. Beginning in October we will start monthly trainings, including:

OCTOBER 16          Seek First to Understand:  Closing the Communication Gap

No matter how hard we work at communicating with others, eventually things break down. The break might be over values, vision, cultural differences, fear of talking through tough issues, and so many other reasons.  Bring your bravest self as we explore how to close the gaps.

NOVEMBER 20       Seek First to Understand:    Please Listen…Please

All too often leaders believe the key to good communications is figuring out the perfect way to get their point across.  What if the first step of the process is listening? Bring your best powers of curiosity as we practice deeply listening to others.

DECEMBER 11        Seek First to Understand:  How to Mean What You Say

Consider the best speakers you’ve experienced.  Was their art a matter of what they said, or, how what they said reflected who they are at their core? Imagine mastering the ability to engage others as you speak with empathy, compassion, and understanding, reflecting the alignment of your core values, beliefs and vision, all while listening carefully as you’re giving voice to your carefully chosen words. Bring…courage.  You’ve got this!

All trainings are led by professionally credentialed coaches and trainers with certification from the International Coaching Federation.  We will meet in  the Board Room of the Valtas Group, 310 120th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98005.  Each session will start promptly at 5:00 p.m. and end at 7:00 p.m.

Interested?  Contact Headwaters Coaching Executive Director and Lead Trainer John LaMunyon today! Email: Phone: 425-922-0241.



Headwaters Coaching Founder and Director John LaMunyon along with Executive Coach Nichole Kurz are building something special. If you are an emerging leader or a new people-manager, this program is designed with you in mind. John and Nichole are getting leaders ready for the future.  — 

Patricia Burgin, MA, MCC

The SeattleCoach Professional Training and Development Program

  I came to John after moving to a team lead position. I was struggling with this new role and didn’t feel as comfortable or confident as I had been in prior positions. He guided me in finding a new definition of success for my new role and what that meant as well as helping me understand the day to day interactions with my team., which helped me better serve them. I would recommend anyone to John that has newly entered a leadership role, or for anyone that has long been in one.          —-Jonah, Software Industry

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