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One-on-One and Team Coaching to co-create a more empathetic and compassionate world one leader, one team, and one organization at a time. 

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If the transitions from "known" to "unknown" are coming so fast you're having trouble remembering who you are, we need to talk. I've been dealing with transitions and the conflicts--personal, interpersonal, corporate, etc.--which arise in the midst of rapid transition for a long time.
The first hour is free.
You talk, I'll listen.


Headwaters Coaching is about co-creating a more empathetic and compassionate world one leader, one team, one organization at a time. We do this by working with our coachees and trainees as they travel forward to the headwaters of their lives. The special space and place where vision runs clear and direction is compelling.

For new leaders, we offer coaching and training in servant leadership to help you claim the strengths you already have while giving you tools in a broad range of disciplines. This includes honing your values, working through conflict, deep communication skills and more.

For those who have been in leadership for awhile, we offer the same tools utilizing the curiosity and connectedness of high-level coaches. Always seeking to assist you in tapping into your own, unique wisdom and gifts.

Be in touch and let’s explore how we might be of service to you and your organization. The first hour is free! You talk, we’ll listen.

---John LaMunyon, Founder and Executive Director, Headwaters Coaching

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John creates deeper awareness at the core level.

Sheri Boone, MCC  Coach Cachet, Coach Mentoring Training and Continuing Education

John has a unique combination of skills from his previous professions and life experiences that enable him to relate to many different types of individuals and provide him with a wealth of resources to draw from in any given situation. He approaches his role with compassion, professionalism, and attention to detail. I highly recommend him as an executive coach. 

Debra Kristensen   Director, Vaccine Technology Strategy and Policy, PATH

I am so grateful for the support John has given me over the years. He is loyal, caring and I know he is in my corner always helping me to move forward. I started seeing John as a coach a year ago when I was contemplating transition from my current role onto something else. He helped me move through the road blocks and realize how much I love my role and could move it into something that is more fulfilling. Through his help I now wake up each morning with a new energy and look forward to a better, brighter future. I highly recommend him as a coach, mentor and/or teacher!

Dawn D. Sanders  Non-profit professional. Coach. Helping individuals achieve their professional and personal goals.

Having worked with John for a number of years I can say that John is a person who deeply care about others and their success. He truly embodies what a servant leader is all about. Have accompanied people at many different stages of life John brings a unique perspective to the coaching relationship. Working with John will help you find clarity in a caring environment.

Wesley Telyea   Member, Co-Founder at Discovery Group, LLC


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Its a Launch!

By John LaMunyon | January 26, 2019

On a warm Saturday evening in early September a number of friends of Headwaters Coaching gathered on the patio of Big Block Brewing Company.  What a night!  Good food, great conversations and a raffle for Headwaters swag.  Headwaters pint glasses served as the door prize.  Between the raffle, donations and Rick Wong’s gift of many copies of his book sales (“The Five Abilities”) we raised $1,000 for King County Habitat for Humanity.  Thanks go to Rick Wong (The Five Abilities), photographer; Don Cheyette (Seattle Adventure Sports), gaffer; Marilyn Wong, Belinda Valentine (Belinda’s Face Painting), and Cheri LaMunyon for dealing with...

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What Does “Executive Coach” Mean?

By John LaMunyon | August 24, 2018

On a recurring basis, we’re asked, “What does, ‘Executive Coach’ mean?”  For some coaches, it refers to the level others have to be at before they’ll be considered coaching clients.  In this instance, “Executive” means an individual or team’s role in their organization.  However, when we talk about “Executive Coaching,” we’re referring to the higher functions of the human brain. The term is a business metaphor, suggesting our executive functions are something like the chief executive who monitors all of the different departments so the company can move forward as efficiently and effectively as possible. How we organize our lives,...

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What makes a good leader?

By John LaMunyon | March 25, 2018

A podcast worth watching.  Simon Sinek, author of  “Find Your Why,” “Leaders Eat Last,” and a few more.  Happy watching! As always, I’d love to hear your reaction.  just use the comments section below.  John  

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By John LaMunyon | February 11, 2018

Fear to Freedom March 3rd  9:00a to 4:00p LaMunyon Lodge, 21221 NE 13th Court, Sammamish 98074  There are so many things we would like to do in life, but somewhere along the way we’ve decided we either can’t, or shouldn’t.  It might be seeking a higher paying job, working toward more fulfilling relationships, becoming a better communicator, or other dream which always seems out of reach.  What if you could move beyond the decision you made to a new decision, a new, more powerful you?  What if you could say goodbye to your fears, self-limiting decisions, and all the rest,...

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By John LaMunyon | January 22, 2018

Just how big is your dream? What are you willing to leave behind to make it happen? What will you keep? What new resources, attitudes, aptitudes, friendships and…will you need to make it all happen? Seems like lots of folks are wrestling with big dreams these days.  Dreaming is easy and free.  But, moving to action can be costly.  The very skills and attitudes which get you to a certain place in life, perhaps where you’re at now, don’t always work in the next phase.  Consider the picture.  These pioneers set out on the trail with a perfect picture of...

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