There’s an Exciting Year Ahead

Moving into the Spring and Summer we’re slowly ramping up coaching, group facilitation, videocasts, podcasts, and more. Thank you for your support as we move forward. Here’s a little peek at what’s coming up:

Coaching, whether for individuals or groups, is always available by appointment.  If you’re interested in learning more about coaching and how it can help you step through new doors in your life, email, or, call 425-922-0241, or use the “Contact Us” box on this website.  You talk, I’ll listen.

Leadership Training, including retreat and meeting facilitation, is available as well.  Mid-summer we’ll be launching a four day, Leadership in the Wilderness trip in partnership with Seattle Adventure Sports.  The trip is set up for college grads or those who are new to leadership in their industry to get specific about what it means and what it takes to be a leader.

The first cohort of Headwaters Leadership will launch mid-September.   Up to eight people will meet weekly to dig deep into how to be an effective leader in today’s rapidly changing workplace. Through the program they’ll get to interview  highly respected leaders from a variety of national and international businesses.  There will be two, four month modules.  Registration begins May 1st.  For more information on the program and registration, either call 425-922-0241, or, email

Transitions is the title of a monthly videocast that will be published early each month, beginning in February.  For more information, click here:

Continuing the Transitions theme, we’ll be offering a monthly mid-month brief podcast addressing many of the issues inherent with transitions.

A quarterly Update will be published on this website, as well as the Headwaters Coaching Facebook page: http://Headwaters Coaching, LLC

If you have any questions about what’s coming up this Spring and Summer, or, want to be added to the quarterly “Updates” list, email, or, call 425-922-0241, or use the “Contact Us” box on this website.

                                                              Step into life!