TRANSITIONS is the focus and title of the first series of video casts from Headwaters Coaching.  The series will focus on leaders, young and not-so-young, who are involved in the many transitions of life.  First in the series on “Transitions” is G. Tyler Grisdale.    Just ten years ago Tyler finished his stint as a student athlete at Bellevue High School.  He then went to Whitman College and managed to balance studies and pitching all the way through graduation.  Realizing his mad pitching skills weren’t enough for the pros, he switched gears.  After careful consideration, he switched career paths and entered a two year masters program in Kinesiology while serving as a Physical Therapy intern and an intern strength coach with the Spokane Indians Baseball Club.

Tyler’s Masters degree and experience with the Spokane Indians led to the pursuit of certification as a “Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (C.S.C.S.)”  After living his entire life in the Northwest, Tyler accepted a job with the East Coast based Jupiter Hammerheads, a farm team of the Florida Marlins Baseball Club.  Last year he moved closer to home with the Colorado Rockies organization as a physical performance coach.  He’ll be reporting for Spring training with the Rockies organization soon.

I was fortunate to get Tyler to spend an afternoon with me before leaving for Spring training recording the beginnings of the first Video cast.  With a week or so for editing, shortly the video cast will be up on this website, as well as the Headwaters Coaching Facebook page.  If you’d like to be notified when the vidcast comes out, get go to the “Contact Us” box, or, send you request directly to

NEXT UP in this monthly series will be a young team leader in a major tech firm, followed by a general manager with the same company.

What transitions are you in the midst of?  If you want someone to walk with you, give me a call at 425-922-0241. Or, email at  You talk, I’ll listen.  —John