What Does “Executive Coach” Mean?

What does “EXECUTIVE”  Coach mean? Let’s think about Amy. Amy is a leader in a multinational tech company who has been promoted to a new position of authority. She really wants to do a great job, but hasn’t had  much time or opportunity to develop her leadership skills. Somewhere along the way she heard the phrase, “Manage THINGS, LEAD people!” Somehow she knew there was more to leading than simply getting everything aligned and in order. But, what did it mean to LEAD?

She turned to an Executive Coach who started out by offering her a definition. “Executive Coaches focus on the ‘higher level’ functions of leadership, combining a leader’s deep knowledge of a number of distinct pieces of information with the mental flexibility every leader has to shift attention in response to different demands in different settings, while exercising self-control as that leader sets priorities and resists impulsive actions or responses.”

When Amy said, “In English, please,” the coach said,

1. Always say, “Thank you.” Its what we say for gifts and anyone who follows you is giving you a gift.   

2. You are a gifted person. You have the ability to focus on a number of things, tasks, projects, and above all, people, to the betterment of your team’s happiness, productivity, and ability to work together as a unified whole. Your team members are also gifted.  Many are even more gifted than you. Treat them accordingly and remember #1.

3. Before you lose your composure with your team, remember  this team isn’t just about you. No one wants to follow a self-centered leader. Do you?  Probably not.  But they will follow if you live in a way which allows them to follow.  Live THAT life and remember #1.

So, what do I do as an Executive Coach? I work with individuals and groups who want to live at their highest level incorporating everything (details) they bring to each task, interwoven with their ability to shift and adapt depending on the situation (flexibility),  tied in with their best wisdom  for the greater good of leading their entire team/organization forward (self-control).

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