What We Do…

At some point almost all of us forget who we are and lose the way forward. This is particularly true in the many transitions of rapid change. Headwaters coaches bring a wealth of experience in helping professionals through human and corporate transitions as they remember who they are, reclaim their aptitudes, talents, and gifts, while stepping into the future with greater purpose, passion, and performance.

Along the way we’ve gathered and mastered a number of tools for this work, including the Associate Certified Coach Certificate from the International Coaching Federation.  The most important tools we bring to the journey together are the ability and empathy to listen to your life at a level many others just can’t reach while helping you hear and reclaim your own voice.

There are two sides to this work. One side is individual, one-on-one coaching. The other is working with groups on a variety of issues.  Here are a few:

*Developing an empathetic culture where people matter;

*Developing a coaching culture where curiosity and regard for other team members makes for workplaces that bring life, meaning, energy, and vitality to those who work there;

*How to use conflict to move your mission forward;

*And, how to listen deeply to what others are saying and say what you mean.  Many believe the communications process starts with talking. However, the most effective communicators begin with listening. What will happen to your effectiveness as a communicator when you truly hear others and then respond to what they’re saying?

If you’re seeking deeper meaning, greater empathy, renewed vision, more effectiveness as a leader, or, even simple instruction in how to be a better speaker, let’s talk. And the first hour is free! You talk, We’ll  listen.

John LaMunyon, Executive Director
Headwaters Coaching